Sunday, September 27, 2009

How To Laser Flip By Skateboard-City


This is a hard trick and before being attempted i would recommend getting these tricks down:
1. F/S 360 Shove it
2. Varial Heels
3. Heels

If you have these down very well, you're ready to go.


FRONT FOOT - Exactly like a varial heel! Your toes hanging off slightly with the ball of your foot on the edge of the board. About halfway on the deck. Make sure it's about half way or it will be hard to get the spin.

BACK FOOT - Like a Frontside flip. Your toes should be on the opposite edge of the tail as your front foot is on the deck. You will want your toes to be on the VERY edge of whatever edge of the tail your foot is on.


It's very hard to do this.

What you will want to do is two things.

First, you will need to pop and scoop with your back foot your ABSOLUTE hardest to get the f/s 360 shuv it. This will be very difficult but when you dod it, make sure to suck your legs up as high as possible.


You need to slide your font foot diagonally off the board in a heelflip manner. This will give the board the heelflipping motion.

The most important thing to remember here is to JUMP AS HIGH AS POSSIBLE so the board doesn't get caught in your legs.


The catch for this is very simple.

You will catch the board with your front foot and just as it is being caught wih your front foot, stomp your back foot down so you can land the trick without the board flipping any more.



Problem - The board always gets caught in my legs!
Solution - Jump higher or suck up higher!

Problem - The board lands beside me
Solution - Make sure you jump with the board to put yourself at ease!

Problem - the board doesn't get the full heelflip
Solution - Be sure to slide your front foot off in a diagonal direction and not straight off!


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Saturday, September 26, 2009

How To Frontside 180 By Skateboard-City


Ah, frontside 180s.. A trick you'll learn early in your skateboarding life. A frontside 180 is the act of doing an ollie while performing a 180 degree rotation in the frontside direction. How can you tell what your frontside direction is? If you're riding regular, you'll be spinning to your left. If you're riding goofy, you'll be spinning to your right. And in case you didn't know, a 180 is half a full spin. Anyway, let's get this one started.

What You Need to Know


Ollies are a must for learning frontside 180s. How can you expect to be able to do a rotating ollie when you can't ollie regularly?

Other Skills: 
Before you start trying your luck with this trick, why don't you get on your board and ride around switch for a little bit? I say this because you're going to be landing switch. You may not need to know how to do any switch tricks, but I'd certainly advise you are comfortable enough with this position that you can ride around in it.

Doing The Trick

Positioning for a frontside 180 is all too important. You're going to want to be set up so that you're able to pull off and ollie as well as maintain control of your board while you guide it around in it's rotation.

First let's talk about your back foot. As you can see in the image, you're going to want it pretty square on the tail. Having it in this location allows you to get a solid pop and to keep your foot on the board when bringing it around.

Your front foot is really important here, of course. Setting it up as show in the image will allow you to slide it up and perform an ollie well, as well as keeping it placed on the deck to maintain proper control. It's important you keep it a bit close to the bolts, as when you're landing switch most of your weight will be transferred to this foot. Having it in a different location can result in you losing control after you land

  • Okay. So you have your feet positioned as above and you're riding at a comfortable speed. You're ready. You need to know that this trick doesn't start with the popping of the tail like usual. Actually, this trick requires you to do a little "winding up". What's this? This is preparing your upper body for the rotation. That's actually where the spin comes from, you know? So as you bend down and prepare to pop, turn your shoulders the opposite of the direction you'll be spinning. This needs to be a light bit, it doesn't take a lot to turn 180.
  • When you're ready to pop the tail, begin turning your upper body in the frontside motion. This part is important. Pop your tail when your shoulders are parallel with your deck. Not a bit sooner or a bit later. This will help you maintain balance and control.
  • So you pop your tail right as your body is lined up with the board and slide your front foot up just like you would for an ollie. Be sure you level this one out like you would an ollie, also. If all goes well, you'll find that your height peaks at halfway through the rotation.
  • The motion of your upper body will greatly aide you in the spinning. If however it's not going to bring you all the way around, you will want to try to guide the deck around towards the end of the trick. This is best done with the foot that did the sliding and leveling out. Never try to guide the board with your feet prior to rotating halfway (90 degrees).
  • When you're first landing these, don't stress it too much if you're not rotating a full and clean 180 degrees. You can come up a little short and under rotated and still be okay. However, you should be careful as to not over rotate, as this makes landing much more difficult than under rotation does.
  • As you're landing in switch, try to have your feet over the bolts. Absorb impact as needed. Be careful as it will be much harder to maintain control now that you're in switch stance. Ride this thing away clean shout "that's gonna be a letter, yo."


Don't worry if you run into any problems with this trick. While it's a fairly simple move, it can cause some problems. Check out below to help you sort them out.

-I'm rotating and landing switch, but as soon as I do I lose balance and it shoots out on me
This is one of the most common problems with learning 180s. There are a few things you can try to fix this. One of them is going a little bit slower. While it's always a good idea to learn tricks while in motion, you have to remember that it's not going to be as easy riding switch at that same speed. Slow down to the speed you're comfortable riding switch with.

Another reason this could be happening is because of how you're landing. Be more careful not to lean back when landing switch or do anything else that will make you lose control of the skateboard. If you find yourself falling after landing this trick too many times, it might be a good idea to go back to practicing just rolling around switch to develop better control.

-I cannot get the full rotation made
There are a slew of things you can try to do to correct this. One thing I'd suggest that you wind up a little bit more/unwind with a little bit more force. You can also try to push the deck around the spin towards the end a little bit harder. And heck, if you're really thinking you got control but you just can't get this one all the way around, you could try adding a little bit of a pivot with your tail at the end of the trick.

-The board is getting away from me. How do I keep it under my feet?

Don't feel bad if this one doesn't stick to you like glue the first few times attempting it. If the board is getting away from you, you have a few options as to how to try correcting this.

One thing you will need to pay attention to is your feet movement. It's very easy at some point in the air to roll your foot in any way, thus kicking the board away. Make sure you keep your feet still through the process.

One thing that will help you keep this one under you is a solid ollie. If it's getting away, you might want to pay more attention to the ollie part of this trick. It can be a little weird at first, so you might find that you want to go practice regular ollies a little bit more as so you can control them better when rotating.

-I'm spinning more than 180 degrees
This is a problem that you absolutely can't have. It can lead to some pretty nasty falls, so let's try to correct this one as soon as possible!

If you're having this issue, then it's very likely your winding up too much or putting too much force into the motion of unwinding. Try doing it a few times with a more gentle motion until you find that perfect amount of force.

-This thing is just a mess. I can't seem to keep my upper body and legs aligned. I'm twisting
If you're finding problems keeping your body lined up, it's likely due to your shoulders not being square with the deck when you pop. If you pop the tail at the wrong time, it's very easy to get twisted up on this one. Make better effort to pop the tail right when you're upper body is over it.

Where Do I Go From Here?

Like most starting tricks, this one has a lot of potential. You can look into adding kickflips or heel flips. Or, if you're really feeling it, you can see if you can take that half of a rotation and turn it into a full 360! Maybe even try to get a little technical and mix it with some manuals... Or maybe you've watched enough skate videos to know you want to take this thing down some stairs, it's all on you. Good luck with learning this trick and progressing with it however you see best fit.

Source: Skateboard-City

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